How To Monetize Your Content

How To Monetize Content


One of the goals for your content may be to earn a profit. There are actually many different approaches that you can take to earn money from articles, blog posts, and downloadable content.


Join Networks


There are networks that allow you to create revenue-generating clicks to content within your blog posts. LinkSmart is one such network. Links are added to your existing content. Each time a reader clicks on a link, you earn a profit. The key to making this type of service work for you is to ensure the network is a reputable company that’s sharing links your audience will appreciate.


Use Your Space Wisely


What happens once someone reads your blog post? Often, unless you have a call to action that they’re interested in, they'll click away. Why not monetize the area beneath your content? You can sell ad space or include a call to action for a product or service.


Affiliate Marketing


Identify products or services that are relevant to your niche and become an affiliate for those companies. Include links within the body of your content to arouse curiosity or softly promote the products or services. Product reviews, comparisons, and how to articles are straightforward approaches to affiliatefriendly content.


Affiliate marketing isn’t limited to print content. You can include shortened links throughout your infographics to relevant affiliate products. A product comparison infographic gives you the ideal opportunity to present information that’s readily monetized.


Pay Per Click


You can also participate in a number of different Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. Google’s AdSense is one of the most popular. It allows you to monetize not only your print content, you can also monetize your YouTube videos.
As your blog or website traffic grows, your ability to profit from monetized content will too.


Monetized content is often a secondary goal once desired traffic numbers have been reached. You don’t have to wait until you have thousands of visitors. You can start monetizing your content right away. Include your monetization strategy and goals in your content marketing plan so you’re organized and able to track your results.


Advanced Monetization Tactics

Advanced Monetization Tactics

For many business owners the goal of content marketing is to generate a profit. From affiliate marketers to membership sites to information marketers, the ultimate goal of any piece of content is to convert a reader into a buyer.


Even service providers can benefit by monetizing their content. This Post offers a handful of different tips and approaches to help experienced marketers further monetize their content and increase sales and profits.


1. “Hire Me” – You can add a hire me page to your blog or website to monetize the site itself. You can also add a hire me call to action in the bio box of any article you publish online or any guest blog post you publish. Additionally, consider adding a call to action at the bottom of key blog posts and downloadable content that motivates your readers to hire you.


For example, a virtual assistant might create a report on how to manage multiple contractors. At the end of the report they might transition into the benefit of hiring a project manager to oversee contractors and include a “hire me” link.


2. Increase advertisers – Once you’ve attained a respectable amount of blog traffic, consider adding an “advertise with us” page on your blog. You can also help potential advertisers see the benefit of advertising with you by helping them visualize it. If you don’t have any present advertisers, use affiliate ads on your blog.
You might use a widget that places ads between blog posts or in the header or footer of posts. You might also create a static sidebar for advertiser placement. If increasing advertisers is your goal, make sure that there’s an opportunity and/or call to action on every single post or page.


3. Boost subscribers – One of the best ways to convert readers into buying customers is to get them to sign up for your mailing list. In the age of video and visual content you can embrace this by creating a personal message that invites readers to subscribe to your list. Monetize each post by including a call to action that invites readers to subscribe, and offer subscription opportunities to folks who comment on your blog.


4. Happy customers – Monetize visual content by sharing photos or videos of happy customers. They can read their testimonial, take a photo of themselves using your product or even share a helpful video or photo hint for benefiting from your products or services. Make sure the content links to your sales page.


Assess your current monetization tactics. What is working and generating sales? What isn’t? What monetization goals do you have and how might your use your content to help you achieve those goals? What goals best suit your business model and audience needs?

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