Top 10 Marketing Strategies for 2017

Without marketing, you won't be in a position to achieve the goals you have for your business.


With no strategy, you'll spin your wheels. These marketing strategies will help you succeed in making your marketing tactics perform long-term.


Implement them one at a time, and before you know it, you'll increase awareness, make great landing pages, and begin converting at a higher rate than you ever imagined possible. Let's get started.


Tactic #1: Generate Targeted Content

Targeted Content
From blog posts to even images and videos, you use content in every aspect of marketing. And every piece needs to be targeted to your audience.


To succeed you'll need to determine your target market, understand your products and services, as well as set up content hitting every part of your customer's purchasing cycle.


You'll need blog posts, video, social media updates, pictures, landing pages, as well as the real informational content which you sell.


Tactic #2: Use Video & Audio

audio video
With marketing, you'll get more interest if you use video and audio.


A video is a lot more likely to be shared, and people love playing podcasts on their morning walks or during extended drives.


It's simple to produce a video using tools you probably already have. It's possible for you to use free resource software like Audacity for podcasts and your telephone or camera for videos.


What's truly fantastic is that you can repurpose other types of content into audio or videos. As an example, a top 10 blog post can become a video or podcasts.


Tactic #3: Collect Customer Testimonials


An efficient approach to get the word out about your offers and also to convince your targeted audience to purchase what you’re selling is to ask for testimonials from satisfied clients.


If you’re just getting started, it is possible to give products or services away in exchange for a testimonial.


Tactic #4: Create a Newsletter


Newsletters aren’t exactly a great approach towards getting an audience, but in the event you have an existing audience sending out a newsletter regularly to them is a good method to make sure they keep returning for more of what you offer.


As an example, you can produce a publication that links straight back to blog posts, videos, and other information you’ve developed since the last newsletter you wrote.


There isn’t much that tops e-mail marketing with regards to being able to boost your income.


Tactic #5: Host a Webinar


Webinars are truly coming into their own. When people can see you, as well as hear you, they’re more likely to trust you.


You should also interview movers and shakers in your industry it is possible to gain a few of their audience as well as impress your audience by increasing the trust you already have.


When you mingle with influencers, you can become one too.


Tactic #6: Get Well-Known by Participating on Social Media



Social media


Social media marketing is a fantastic addition to traditional marketing methods in the 21st century.


You can construct an entire company utilizing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.


Stick to engaging with your audience on social networks by sharing content that is focused properly on them.


For instance, on Facebook, it is possible to create a group of your own in which you develop your status, share your knowledge and get popular.


Tactic #7: Giveaway Awesome Stuff

When you choose to build your list, you already know that you just need to develop a “freebie,” so that your audience can sign up to your email list.


But, did you know that the stuff you hand out free should be just as good as the stuff you sell?


It might seem counterproductive but when you giveaway super focused information that is high quality it builds plenty of trust in you from your audience and they, in turn, will recommend you to others even though they might never personally purchase from you. This will help you increase awareness and make more cash faster.


Tactic #8: Build An Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is a benefit to small business owners everywhere. This is especially true if you market products that are digital.


Getting others to promote your items and services is a win-win for you as well as the affiliate. You reach more individuals than you could on your own and also the affiliate earns a commission for sending purchasers to your site.


Consider using an affiliate network such as ClickBank or JVZoo to promote your offers so that you can reach even more potential affiliates to gain even more exposure.


Tactic #9: Speak at Live Events Online & Offline

Most folks are terrified of Speaking in public. When rank based on fear levels, it has been found that more people are afraid of public speaking than dying. Therefore, in the event you can do it, and do it well, the payoff could be enormous.


It is possible to speak offline and online nowadays. Look for speaking gigs through your network and allow people to know you’re ready to do it by producing sample videos and a “one sheet” to market your speaking services.


Tactic #10: Partner with Other Businesses


Partner with businesses

Creating a partnership with other businesses is a fast way to increase awareness and build your e-mail list.


You can do that by developing short-term joint venture projects to work on with a firm that offers skills, services, and complementary goods that go well with what you are offering.


Make sure that you simply create an agreement with responsibilities and commitments spelled out for every party in the joint venture.


In the event, you work with someone on a short-term project, such as an online webinar, or a live event, you can then consider working on long-term projects such as a joint website.


These top 10 marketing strategies for 2017 will help you get more attention for your products or services should you do them persistently and consistently. All marketing takes time plus consistency to produce profitable results.


Top 10 Marketing Strategies

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