My Top 10 SEO Tools

SEO or search engine optimization is an important aspect of succeeding online. Search engine optimization is important for every business owner, who wants to get more traffic, increase conversions, and make more money. These top-10 SEO tools will help you grow your traffic and increase sales.


Tool #1: Google Search Console

Formerly, Google Webmaster Tools. Google search is still the number one search engine, therefore, the information they share about how to rank high in searches is still the most important information that you can read. You’ll need to keep up-to-date on what’s happening with search because they change things continuously to produce better search results for their audience. Sign up for all the information they offer. You can even take a course on how to make a great website that gets found.


Tool #2: SpyFu


If you want to go even further with your SEO, using Spy Fu to get information about your competitors, and your own site will be very effective. The SEO research you do on this site is focused on creating a content action plan for your website to get more results from your efforts. Type in your competitor, find out their keywords and develop a strategy to beat your competition. You’ll not only be given valuable information about your competition but if other top competitors exist, you’ll get that information too.


Tool #3: Screaming Frog

Maybe you don’t think of a service as a tool. But this service offers features that will help you improve on page and off page SEO. The Log File Analyzer lets you upload files so that you can identify and analyze bot data, which gives you insight into how to improve your SEO efforts. This tool finds broken links, identifies which URLs Google is crawling (as well as other bots). You will also identify slow pages so that you can improve them and so much more.



Tool #4: MOZ


MOZ has a complete suite of tools for you to use to improve SEO. You can do keyword research, build links (internal and external), and audit your site to find ways to improve it. You’ll receive insights that help you optimize your site to improve it. MOZ rank and Domain Authority Metrics are second to none. When you use an all-in-one tool, you don’t have to patch together multiple tools that might give conflicting information. Not only that, you have a pro available to interpret the data you receive, so you won’t be in the dark. Pricing is currently from $79 a month for 5 tracked sites and the price goes up from there. Plus, you can get their MOZ search toolbar if you use Chrome.


Tool #5: WebCEO


This is a good tool to use to get an accurate ranking. It integrates with Google Analytics & Search Console. Conduct keyword research, customizable dashboards, and competitor metrics. Ensure your mobile sites are optimized and your regular sites are optimized for mobile. It has a social component too that some of the other tools don’t have. You can start with a free plan and the pricing goes from $99 a month and up. If you want to check them out, they also offer some free SEO tools that you will like.


Tool #6: SEMrush


This all-in-one set of marketing tools for digital marketers is genius. They offer complete workflows for SEO professionals including technical SEO audits, positioning tracking, ideas, competition and more. Get customizable reports that you can use to get support for your SEO optimization ideas. An exciting feature is the ability to run a competitive analysis of your competition (up to 5 domains). This can help you know exactly where you are doing better and where you can improve.



Tool #7: Raven Tools

Raven Tools

If you want automated marketing reports with customizable and comprehensive SEO, Social, PPC, and more you can do that with this tool. These reports can be created weekly, monthly or quarterly and sent automatically based on the criteria you set up. What’s more is that you can access other SEO tools from your Raven Tools Dashboard such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and others. Don’t miss out on trying the Site Auditor, which will give you key information about on-page SEO keeping up-to-date with the requirements Google continuously throws at you.


Tool #8: DeepCrawl

Deep Crawl

DeepCrawl allows you to test new page changes against your live site prior to implementing them to find out how they will impact your site’s effectiveness. It integrates with Google Analytics to ensure that you’re meeting your goals per Google’s preferences so that your site will get as high of a ranking as possible. You can also identify pages that are hurting your site so that you can improve them as well.


Tool #9: Yoast SEO for WordPress

Yoast SEO

In addition to creating an amazingly useful plugin, the Yoast team has also created courses that you can take to improve your SEO knowledge. In addition to the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, there is an add-on for video, local SEO, news SEO, and more that are all designed to help you improve the SEO for your WordPress site. You can use the free plugin quite successfully but the premium version has so much to offer that you’ll want to check that out before you add others to your WP installation. You’ll get advice for making your posts more readable, improving keyword use, and suggestions for better headlines and titles. In addition, easy sharing, linking, and more are all available in the paid version.



Tool #10: Keyword Tool IO

Keyword Tool IO

This is a fun tool to help you get information about keywords that you can use. With the free version, you can learn about up to 750 new keywords that you might want to use on your site. It works by using Google’s Autocomplete but compiling the information in an easy-to-use format. The advanced version offers additional features like finding unlimited keyword possibilities without limiting you the way the Google Keyword Planner tool does.

Each of these top-10 SEO tools will drastically improve your return on investment by increasing the amount of targeted traffic you get on your site if you implement the ideas you get from the information provided.


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