21 Video Marketing Case Studies (These Will Make You A Better Video Marketer)

Video marketing has become a main source of content for many different types of businesses. From cars to make up and from technology to services, video marketing can bring your business to life. It can increase brand awareness, improve SEO, encourage consumer interaction and higher engagement, is easy to optimize, and offers improved sharing, has better click through rates, improves comprehension and more. The reasons to include video far outweigh the reasons not to.

What’s more, the technology exists to make it easy for even the novice to use video to promote their business. Today Smartphones take video that is high enough quality to put on YouTube and Facebook. Editing software is simple to come by and even standard on some computer operating systems.


Harnessing the Power of Video Marketing

What’s more, video marketing is supremely powerful and effective. If you do it right and regularly, you’ll find that you are building awareness like never before and getting more customers, too.


Here are a few stats to help convince you:

  •  A one minute video is worth 1.8 million words (Forrester Research)
  • 46 percent of Internet Users watch video (comScore)
  • 100 Million Viewers of Video Every Single Day (Wall Street Journal)
  • 90 Percent of Housing Buyers Use Video (National Association of Realtors)
  • 75% of Executives Watch Business Videos on YouTube (Forbes)
  • 65% of Executives that Watch Business Videos Visit the Website (Forbes)
  • 80% of Internet Users Remember Video ads ( Online Publishers Association)
  • 64% of Video Viewers Were More Likely to Buy due to a Video (comScore)
  • 51% Increase in Subscriber to Lead Conversion Rates due to Video (Yahoo! Small Business)

To put it plainly, if you’re not using video marketing you’re missing out on huge conversions, better brand awareness and a whole lot of cash.

What Makes a Good Video for Video Marketing?

Before you start making videos, it’s a good idea to understand what makes for a good video for video marketing. When you create a video, it’s important to have a few facts clear.

  • Know your goals – You need to know why you’re doing the video. Is it to sell one particular product, brand awareness, or to report about an event? Be clear on the point of the video before you even start shooting.


  • Know your audience – To make a video the right way you need to understand who you’re creating it for. If you don’t know who your audience is, you could accidentally turn them away from you without meaning to.


  • Tell a story – If you can turn anything you want to do on video into a way to tell a story, then you have a winner. If the focus is on the audience understanding the story you’re trying to tell, then the video will be more effective.


  • Keep it short & simple – There are few times when the video should be longer than 4 or 5 minutes. The best course is to try to keep it down to about 2 or 3 minutes so that people don’t get bored. Plus, it will force you to cut things that aren’t relevant.


  • Develop a Script – The best thing you can do is create a script as well as a shot list. While you don’t want the video to appear as if you’re stiffly reading something, you do not want to miss anything important when you tape the video.


  • Get the right lighting – Hardly anything is more important than light. You can use lamps that you can buy relatively inexpensively to help light up the shot better. Test out how the shot looks before you commit to the recording.


  • Ensure great sound – The other important part of your video is the sound and it’s really just as important as the light if you want people to hear your message. Test out the sound, and you can even do a voice over if you can’t get the sound accurate with the mic on your camera.


  • Optimize for SEO – Getting seen is not going to happen automatically. You must ensure that the description, title, tags, annotations, and call to action are impeccable so that you get more views and more answers to your call to action.


  • Do more than one – One video is not video marketing. It’s just a random video. Video marketing should be a planned and regular addition to your content marketing efforts. Much like your website will look empty with just one blog post; you’ll need a few videos to really be engaged in video marketing.


Video marketing is an important part of content marketing today because of the ease at which the technology is available, and the public prefers video over text. If you give it enough thought and consideration, you’re sure to develop a winning video marketing campaign for your audience.


To get started, a good thing to do is look at what other companies have done with video marketing. What have they done right, what have they done wrong and what can you learn from it?


21 Examples of Video Marketing Successes


1) Chipotle

This fast food restaurant wanted to change the fast food experience to one of high quality. They cook everything from scratch and make fast food experience into one close to that of fine dining. They also promise to only serve “food with integrity”.


URL of video: https://youtu.be/lUtnas5ScSE

Landing Page: http://www.scarecrowgame.com

Placement: Shared all over social media starting with YouTube.com


While the video is supposed to position Chipotle as the alternative, they also use the video to promote their game app. This is genius because it is a means to keep Chipotle on the minds of consumers. Everything from the music to the scenes in the piece helps to explain that they’re trying to be better and will get better as technology improves and the public gets on board with enforcing change.


What they did right: They brought forward a risky conversation for a fast food company so that people start discussing and thinking about where their food comes from even when they get it at a fast food place.


Improvements: It’s hard to say what they could have possibly done better but perhaps having an annotated video that leads you to their store locator at the end would be useful.



Ikea is a company that purports itself to be transparent and cares about people, the environment, and even withdraws products for sale if they find out poor treatment of workers or other problems have occurred within their manufacturing process. But, they decided to put out a commercial that was less serious, and pure fluff. You know, the kitty kind.

URL of video: https://youtu.be/Z7vXP3tHzhA

Landing Page: http://facebook.com/ikeacats

Placement: Their website and YouTube.com, then shared on all social media.


Wanting to bring the fun back to furniture, IKEA brilliantly found a way to mix people’s favorite pastime, watching kitties on YouTube, with their commercials. They use the commercial to tell the world about their new tagline: Happy Inside. The thing they did smart is to combine something already popular with something boring: furniture shopping. Then, they did one better. They released the “making of” video, which was even more popular. Thus, the video serves to get even more views and more eyes on their name, increasing brand awareness and associating their company with happiness.


What they did right: They combined something people already like with their product. Then, they compounded the success by releasing the “making of” to extend the ability to get more brand awareness. They have had contests associated with the video.


Improvements: The only thing IKEA could have done better was to add a baby. Their branding is straight up awesome.


3) GotoMeeting.com

Gotomeeting.com offers meeting solutions in a virtual environment so that people can attend meetings anytime from any place as long as they have a way to connect to the Internet. With GoToMeeting, you and those who attend meetings need to download a software, and everyone has to be on board with using it.

URL of video: https://youtu.be/oai-XUXesIA

Landing Page: http://www.gotomeeting.com

Placement: YouTube.com and other social media ready for sharing.


Gotomeeting.com has done a lot right with their videos. The one chosen shows a guy in a tub apparently having partied a little too hard the night before. While he’s in the tub, he gets a call on his smartphone about the meeting he’s supposed to be at. He knows he can make it and be there without even leaving the tub with his smartphone.


What they did right: They went right to reasons for having virtual meetings other than just because you want to. Maybe you need to. They make a lot of very short (the one above is only 18 seconds) videos showing all the different reasons why a person may need GoToMeeting.com to attend a meeting on time.


Improvements: Hard to improve on perfection, but they could make their CTA clickable on the video.


4) AT&T

AT&T is more than just a mobile phone company. AT&T is a multinational company that employs the best networking experts they can find. They pride themselves on continuing to evolve and improve yet be relatable to the masses.

URL of video: https://youtu.be/dO64FvfZSW4

Landing Page: http://soc.att.com/Subscribe

Placement: YouTube.com and other social networks.


AT&T is a household name well-known for telecommunications. But often the public isn’t really aware of the other things that they do or that they’re responsible for most of the available networks that we all use to access the Internet.


The short video above uses the popularity of “selfies” as an excuse to listen in on two network geeks talking about their jobs as they travel down the road in their car. While this particular video hasn’t got as many views as some of the other depicted here, it’s a good example because they use the popular culture of selfies to generate the idea for the video. Then, under the video, they link to subscribe to more social videos in addition to the rest of their social media.


What they did right: The video is short, so you don’t have time to get bored. They use humor to introduce the networking professionals and then show a private conversation between them as they drive down the highway. You learn that AT & T’s networks affect 99 percent of American’s lives, but then you learn the humorous fact that one of the network geeks has 100 likes on a selfie he posted on Facebook.


Improvements: Honestly, this is an awesome video less than 1 minute long that gives the audience all they need to know to find the company and answer a CTA.


5) GE

General Electric has the slogan “Imagination at Work”, which is meant to describe the fact that they use innovation, intelligence and imagination to create solutions for businesses to increase their efficiency, productivity, and profits.

URL of video: https://youtu.be/iNdBHmZAOr4

Landing Page: http://full.sc/12xcByI

Placement: YouTube.com, Faebook.com, and other social media as well as their website.


Science is truly a fascinating subject, and GE brings that to life with their short videos that show how much science you can put into six seconds. They held a science fair to show how much science can be put into six seconds. With over 600 entries, they had their job cut out for them. They put the results together in a short video and show how these experiments and the ingenuity can be brought to real life.


What they did right: They showed how interesting science is by combining a lot of six-second science experiments and relating them to what GE does.


Improvements: Perhaps separate these out to shorter six-second videos to share, especially the more interesting experiments, but that’s not really an improvement, just a way to repurpose the content.


6) Taulia Inc.

In invoicing and financing, supply Management Company Taulia is a multinational company that seeks to simplify these processes for business owners using the cloud. It helps encourage payment by business owners who receive the invoice by offering incentive options such as early payment discounts. But, it also offers financing based on invoices so you can control your cash flow better. This ability can increase receivables substantially by improving cash flow.

URL of video: https://youtu.be/LmBRy0uC_aY

Placement: YouTube.com

This video made the list, not because it has a lot of views but because it uses a story to explain how invoice financing and cloud-based accounting can make the process of accounts receivable faster, thus giving you more power over your cash flow.


What they did right: Relate to their audience waiting on checks, waiting on the process, and showing how the slowdown of getting pay affects the business and life at home. Lesson: Relate your video to your audience and tell a story.


Improvements: They need to do a better job sharing the video across social networks so that it can get more views. It’s a great video that will resonate with its audience.


7) Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management software system to help small businesses manage their brand awareness across many social media networks. Using Hootsuite, you can generate leads, increase traffic, and more just from one dashboard.

URL of video: https://youtu.be/2zCw_-XsTPE

Landing Page: http://ow.ly/TevLK

Placement: YouTube.com and all social media as well as their website.


Hootsuite did a fabulous video that builds on fans’ love of Game of Thrones while demonstrating how you can “unite your kingdom” using HootSuite.com to manage your social media networks. They focused on using symbolism to show how HootSuite.com can unite your “kingdoms” or social networks.


What they did right: Bring a current trending show into their media as a way to capture searches and to relate with a story how their services help their audience.


Improvements: You simply can’t improve on Game of Thrones, but you can read more about why they created the video on their blog.


8) TD Canada Trust

TD Canada Trust is a personal and small business and commercial bank from Toronto, Canada.

They offer online banking and traditional banking options for Canadian Citizens.

URL of video: https://youtu.be/bUkN7g_bEAI

Landing Page: www.tdcanadatrust.com/

Placement: YouTube.com to share across social media


This video uses emotions to bring you into their world and making you believe that this is a bank that cares about their customers in a different way. The video will bring tears to your eyes as you learn about the experiences of the banking customers and what the bank does for them at their very special ATM.


What they do right: Pulling your emotional strings is a marketing practice used for a long time in many ways, and they do it very well in this video. This makes it a highly shared video which spreads the brand message of care far and wide.


Improvements: There is no CTA and no use of the description box to include a link back to the bank’s website.


9) Intel

Intel is a multinational company that is essentially a household name due to the “intel inside” sticker on many personal computer systems. But, Intel does much more than just building computer processors.

URL of video: https://youtu.be/ol19tt3VWhQ

Landing Page: http://www.intel.com

Placement: YouTube and on Intel’s web page and other social media.


This short video pulls your emotion strings in ways you never thought they could be pulled, telling the story of Daniel from Sudan who was injured in South Sudan’s civil war, and how the first 3D prosthetic printing lab, created with Intel’s help, helped him get his life back. Before, he wanted to die. Now he wants to live.


What they did right: Bringing a real life story of tragedy that had a real life solution available with the technology that Intel offers to Daniel and the entire community who learned to continue making arms with the 3D printer after the professionals left.


Improvements: Use the description area on YouTube.com to link to more about the story as well as to Intel.


10) Friskies

Friskies is a pet food company specializing in cat food. They pride themselves on creating nutritious food that cats love at a reasonable price.

URL of video: https://youtu.be/m0Cd0xOHx7Q

Landing Page: https://www.friskies.com

Placement: YouTube, their various social media sites like buzzfeed.com, Facebook.com and so forth, as well as their blog.


It’s actually not hard to please cat lovers. Just show some cats playing with their toys, or a kitten bouncing around, and we’re happy. But, Friskies’s takes it a step further by giving us cat stories with an older cat explaining friendship to the new kitten.


The story they tell with the video is fun to watch, the voice of the cat just the right tone, the stories familiar if you’re a cat owner, and quite funny, too. You can’t help but become brought into the story and want to know more about the cats in the video.


What they did right: The product placement seems like just part of the story but is very clear with the showing of the cat so you see the brand name and the familiar pop of the can with the kitties running to enjoy the bounty.


Improvements: This video is perfect. It’s short, it’s interesting, and it tells a story. The description area links to the appropriate pages so you can learn more.


11) Volvo

Volvo is a Swedish company that manufactures automobiles. They have a historic reputation for solidity and reliability.

URL of video: https://youtu.be/M7FIvfx5J10

Landing Page: http://volvotrucks.com/fm

Placement: Youtube.com, Twitter, and other social media sites.


This video is designed to show the power and precision of Volvo’s Dynamic Steering. It shows this by having Jean-Claude Van Damme do a split between vehicles while they’re traveling down the highway.


The point of the video is that the steering system that Volvo creates is so fantastic that the actor doesn’t have to worry about being injured due to the precision and stability of the directional steering they created.


What they did right: They recreated a famous scene from a movie to demonstrate their steering capability. They kept the video short and to the point. The filmography is gorgeous; the stunt doesn’t look fake; therefore it’s share worthy. Plus they pared it with a song that everyone loves.


Improvements: The shot is so well done it’s hard to say that they need to fix anything. It’s been shared so much, and they use the description window very well, too.


12) Progressive

Progressive is famous for their price check girl and create your own price tool and are a well-known insurance company.

URL of video: https://youtu.be/N4wTxjMFnFk

Landing Page: http://www.progressive.com

Placement: YouTube.com, their website, and other online social media sites.


Their “Keys to Progress” video pulls on your heart strings by setting up an injured veteran with keys to a new SUV. This video shows Progressive’s support for veterans above and beyond just a normal donation but down on the personal level.


What they did right: They used an issue that is important to most people, and brought it home by connecting to Staff SGT. James Sides on a personal level. It pulls at your heart strings and makes you have positive feelings about the company Progressive.


Improvements: The video has not had many views from their YouTube.com channel and could get more views and be more useful if they added a call to action in the description and linked to their website.


13) Dove

Dove is a skin care and hair care company that seeks to help women feel better about themselves while selling their products.

URL of video: https://youtu.be/litXW91UauE

Landing Page: http://www.dove.com

Placement: Youtube.com, Facebook.com, Twitter.com and other social media networks.


The short video has people telling an artist about their bodies in very negative terms while the artist draws them the way they depict themselves. Then they were asked to talk about someone else that they were asked to get to know from the group. Later they showed the images to the people. They saw themselves how strangers see them, which was softer and more beautiful and actually more the way they really looked. Thus the tagline for Dove “You’re more beautiful than You Think.”


What they did right: They make women feel good about themselves, which also makes them feel good about the company. It’s a very well-done and thoughtful video that is well branded.


Improvements: They could probably include people of color more to appeal to a wider audience.


14) Google Maps

Google is a multinational company that focuses on internet-related products and services. Google Maps is just one of those services.

URL of video: https://youtu.be/UXEvZ8B04bE

Landing Page: http://www.googlemaps.com

Placement: YouTube, Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks.


This is an excellent video, which shows an adopted adult trying to find his home in a faraway place, like India from Australia. The story follows Saroo Brierley on his quest to find his birth mother and family. He uses a combination of his memories, and Google Maps and Google Earth to look at locations to figure out what village he came from. He finally figured it out.


What they did right: Really, how can you go wrong with a video like this? It shows the amazing application for the Google vision to connect everyone with everyone.


Improvements: There is no actual call to action in the video other than to watch more videos, or in the description, which feels like a mistake although the video has been shared over 1.5 million times.


15) Facebook

Facebook is arguably the most popular social media network. That really needs little introduction. Facebook has over 1.44 billion active monthly users. With that kind of participation, people pay attention when Facebook does anything.

URL of video: https://youtu.be/CaJYQXiu3PY

Landing Page: http://www.facebook.com

Placement: YouTube.com, Facebook.com, and various social media as a tutorial.


Facebook has created a series of tutorials which are very well produced, accurate, and easy to watch. While FB likely doesn’t need any type of marketing to get more users, they do need to let people know how to use their features, such as how to maintain your privacy by removing tags and so forth.


What they did right: They created step-by-step videos to help people use their service that work. This is particularly the case for their privacy features, tagging and so forth. They have a great call to action at the end and are very clear in their directions.


Improvements: The video is made very well. I’d like to see it be funnier or more interesting so they could go viral. This type of video is only going to be seen if someone is looking for it.


16) American Greeting

This company is a greeting card company based in Cleveland Ohio. Founded over 100 years ago in 1906, they are a testament to the importance of learning about your audience again and again so that you can always appeal to them the best. Just imagine how their audience has grown and changed in that amount of time.

URL of video: https://youtu.be/0cDsyl2IaUM

Landing Page: http://www.americangreetings.com/ecards/mothers-day

Placement: YouTube.com and other social networks to generate shares.


The video crosses all the T's and dots all the I’s by making moms everywhere laugh and cry. They show images of children crying and screaming to classical music. The kids are getting into things, drawing on walls and well, just being kids. These look like real images, not acted, that were sent in by real moms.


What they did right: These are all images moms (and dads) everywhere can get behind and understand. The call to action at the end is excellent as there is no confusion about the product that they’re recommending. The video is very funny and sharable.


Improvements: This video is so funny that it should have been shared a lot more than it has been. Suggestions would be to improve the description to make it longer so that people understand what is in the video and why they’d want to click through.


17) Nike

An American multinational corporation that designs, develops and manufactures active footwear, apparel and accessories. This business has been around since 1964, which proves that they know how to market to their audience in a way that resonates with them.

URL of video: https://youtu.be/zzbjEMaDjrk

Landing Page: http://gonike.me/bfiityt

Placement: Youtube.com and various social media


The video gets into the thoughts of women trying different exercising wearing Nike gear. In the beginning the women are struggling with their confidence and whether or not they can do it. By the end, the women are succeeding in their efforts and end with “I did it.” Then the screen shows the “Better for It” tag line and the famous Nike logo with a woman’s voice saying “Let’s go again”.


What they did right: The entire video is awesome because it lets women know that Nike understands their thoughts and has created apparel to help them through it. The logo at the end is a great reminder for those watching and increases brand awareness.


Improvements: With over 8 million views it’s hard to say what could be done better. But, there is room in the description box on YouTube to include more information about the video and the company.


18) Kia

Kia Motors Corporation is a multinational company with its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. While they haven’t been around long in the US they have been a company since the 1940’s. They sell about 2.7 million vehicles each year

URL of video: https://youtu.be/AUcK3plB9Vc


Landing Page: http://www.kia.com


Placement: YouTube.com, Facebook.com, Twitter.com, Google Plus, Pinterest and more social networks.


This incredibly cute video shows a daddy making his baby girl laugh at him hitting his head on the car trunk hatchback opening. In the process, the mom comes out and presses a button to lift the hatchback lid up so that daddy can fit, but the baby stops laughing so they put it back down. The baby’s laughter and clapping is infectious and it’s a clever way to show a feature of a vehicle that buyers might not be aware of.


What they did right: Not only is the video wonderful, you may know that Kia has a lot of winning videos and use Social Media expertly to get their name out there. They also use the description area of YouTube very well to let viewers know where to learn more about the vehicle as well as where to be social with Kia.


Improvements: None. They use annotations, feature their logo, and use the description well, and the video is only 33 seconds long. How can you improve that?


19) Smirnoff

Smirnoff is a Vodka company founded in 1864 in Russia that ended up being a French company due to being kicked out of Russia, and then eventually an English company called Diageo. Whatever happened, the vodka is loved the world over today, and they have sales enough to make it the bestselling vodka in the world.

URL of video: https://youtu.be/mz6X-5GJ0Lk

Landing Page: http://bit.ly/Subscribe_to_Smirnoff

Placement: YouTube.com, Twitter.com, Instagram.com, Facebook.com


This is a very fast and cute video. It is focused on Halloween and adds humor and fun to the video. While this video is only 15 seconds, you see how to make a Bloody Mary, and the music makes you want to go party.


What they did right: They demonstrate how to make a drink, which features their vodka, and then in the description they put the recipe. In the video there is also a CTA in the form of an annotation that is suggested by Smirnoff to watch.


Improvements: This video hasn’t been widely watched. While it’s a cute video, it should tell a story that makes people want to buy it. They could probably improve it to make it something people want to share more.


20) Blendtec

Blendtec makes a very powerful professional blender that smoothie lovers everywhere pine for and dream of buying. They’ve been in business for over 25 years, and the blenders are known to last a long time. They claim to have the blender with the strongest motor and sharpest blades and that they can blend anything.

URL of video: https://youtu.be/zaKq2xdCqOQ

Landing Page: http://www.facebook.com/willitblend

Placement: YouTube.com and is shared widely.


This is a continuing series from Blendtec asking the question: Will it blend? They’ve blended an iPhone, markers and other crazy things. This is a great way of being funny and showing how strong the motor is in the blender. The videos are short, to the point and highly sharable.


What they did right: They have a great CTA because people just want to keep watching more “will it blend” videos. That makes them want to buy a Blendtec so they can blend their smoothies and other items more efficiently, because obviously if it blends those things it will blend ice, right? The videos are also (many of them) very family friendly. The man who hosts the show is funny. They have a great CTA for more episodes.


Improvements: In the description, they could put a link to their website so that people who want to buy a Blendtec can find them easily.


21) Evian

Love it or hate it, bottled water is very popular and Evian is one of the leaders in the business. They claim their water is from the French Alps and has a unique taste and mineral content that’s the same as nature. What you might not realize is that Evian has been selling bottled water since 1908, first in glass bottles.

URL of video: https://youtu.be/_PHnRIn74Ag

Landing Page: http://www.evian.com

Placement: YouTube.com, and other social media.


They start out this video asking, “How Does Drinking Evian Make You Feel?” Then you see babies skating and doing amazing tricks. It’s a funny and inventive video. You hear the babies laughing and then also whispering Evian, Evian. It’s a fun video that invites sharing due to how funny it is.


What they did right: They suck you in from the beginning, with the question, and then the “answer” is hilarious and funny but gets the point out that you’ll feel energetic, young, and full of laughter if you drink their product.


Improvements: Having been shared over 21 million times it’s hard to say what should be improved, but the description needs to have a link back to their website.


Getting Started With Video Marketing

It’s obvious that video marketing is an essential element that you need to add to promote your business. You may not be able to do it to the level of these examples but you can learn a lot from them.


  • Keep it Short
  • Add Emotion
  • Include a Call to Action
  • Know Your Audience
  • Ask for Interaction
  • Keep Doing It


Like most things in marketing, a one time and you’re done scenario isn’t going to be effective. For video marketing to work you need to produce videos regularly with purpose. Get invested in video marketing and your audience will invest in you.

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